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Best Movies To Watch On AHA

Best Movies To Watch On AHA

If you are thinking about watching Telugu movies HD online, you will find them on the best OTT platform. If you need some suggestions for the best Telugu films, here are two suggestions:


  1. Madhu produced the movie, and Gopichand Malineni directed it. Sai Madhav Burra wrote the dialogues. The movie features Ravi Teja as CI PotharajuVeera Shankar, ShrutiHaasan as Kalyani, VaralaxmiSarathkumar as Jayamma, and Samuthirakani as Katari Krishna. The Saraswathi Films Division did the production of the movie.


It is a 154-minute long movie that is inspired by and based on true events that took place in the states of Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh. The story revolves around a strong police officer who fought against the atrocities and crimes of a gangster and his group. The film’s name comes from the ‘krack’ personality of the police officer played by Ravi Teja. He hates the term ‘background’ and does not leave loose ends while fighting against injustice. The police officer gets involved with three different people who suffer the fate of a 50 rupees note, a nail and a green mango. The story is very intriguing and contains a lot of actions and thrilling moments.

  1. Mail

The movie “Mail” is directed and written by UdayGurrala. This is a Telugu comedy film that features Priyadarshi as Hybath, GouriPriya as Roja, HarshithMalgireddy as Ravi, and Mani Aegurla as ‘Subbu.’ Kamran and SweekarAgasthi gave the music. Priyanka Dutt produced the film. ShyamDupati and UdayGurrala have done the cinematography, and Hari Shankar, TN, did the editing. This is a 116-minute film that is categorized as the first installment of the KambalapallyKathalu series. If you are willing to watch some comedy movies HD online, you should watch this brilliant light-hearted comedy.


The story revolves around a village bumpkin played by Ravi, his dear friend Hybath and an intelligent but village bumpkin moneylender Shivanna. Ravi is an innocent young man who wants to achieve his dreams about becoming rich and has an intense urge to learn about computers and the internet. She also has a crush on Roja, who is also his classmate and likes him back. He opens up an account at the new cafe that Hybath has opened and starts sending Roja messages every day. However, one fine day he stumbles upon a phishing mail which causes him to send 1 lakh rupees. He takes a loan from Shivanna and mortgages his father’s land to process the lottery amount of 2 crores. Various incidents unfold, and he understands that he has been duped. The story speaks about innocence and also about greed but in a comic light. At last, the case is resolved with a high-class comedy ending.

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