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5 Things to Keep Out of Local Sanitary Landfills

5 Things to Keep Out of Local Sanitary Landfills

You may think that throwing out certain objects won’t impact you or the environment around you, but on the contrary, it impacts your surrounding greatly. However, some items are not safe to put in the trash can. Precision Disposal comes in as your trusted dumpster company. Some items require standard waste management techniques, or you risk a fine from your dumpster rental company or municipal trash pickup. Our team of experts designs the following guide to help you manage waste better and safely

  1. BatteriesĀ 

Batteries contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful if they get into groundwater. That’s why it’s important to consult a good dumpster company before getting rid of any batteries. Some types of batteries, like lithium-ion and automotive batteries, need to be disposed of in a different way. But other types of batteries, like those made out of zinc, can be thrown away in the regular trash.

  1. Paint

When you use paint, the fumes make the indoor space unsafe. Most people are told not to go in these places. If you paint and then throw the paint away, it will make the environment bad over time. If you have oil-based products, don’t throw them away on the regular trash day. That’s because it can contaminate water and soil. In most states, this is illegal and you can get a fine if you do this. We can help you find a dumpster rental that doesn’t have chemicals that corrode things so that you can throw away your waste properly.

  1. Electronic Devices

Technology is advancing quickly, and with it the amount of electronic waste is piling up. This includes devices like computers and phones, as well as other things with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be very dangerous for your health, and they often contain heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Computer towers also have beryllium oxide in them, which can cause respiratory problems.

  1. Mercury
    A lot of people still use mercury thermometers, even though they are outdated. Mercury is also found in computer monitors and fluorescent light bulbs. If you have one of these items that needs to be disposed of, the regular way of getting rid of it is not the best option.
  1. Oil and Gas

If you have some leftover gasoline or motor oil, it is not safe to put it in the garbage. It is also not a good idea to pour it down the drain because it can damage your plumbing. These materials are dangerous, corrosive, potentially explosive, and ignitable. You must handle them properly. A local dumpster rental company in port st lucie can help you safely remove hazardous material without putting yourself at risk. Contact us today at Precision Disposal and schedule an appointment with the experts.