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Planning to Travel with CBD – Know How To Fly With It

Planning to Travel with CBD – Know How To Fly With It

These days, CBD (cannabidiol) became one of the most essential parts of health routine as it helps to give relief from several health conditions such as stress, anxiety, and more. Due to these reasons, people often carry it along with them, even when traveling. Many people feel traveling brings stress or discomfort, so carrying it can help them in managing inconveniences.

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In recent years, regulations on CBD have altered due to Farm Bill 2018. Even though it is accepted on federal levels, but carrying CBD while traveling is quite confusing because of differences in regulations from one state to the other. The following are a few current rules and suggestions that help you in making your travel easy with CBD.

Rules on CBD 

According to the rules of TSA (Transportation Security Administration) carrying medical marijuana is banned, so passengers should not take it through security as well as onto the plane. While there are few exceptions when it comes to CBD oil, hemp-based CBD oil is not on the banned list. 

According to the Agricultural Improvement Act 2018, hemp is not considered as a prohibited substance. That is, Products made with hemp are legal under the federal law as it contains only 0.3% of THC.

Suggestions to travel on a plane with CBD

Research laws of the state that you are going to travel – Generally, regulations will vary depending on the state or country. There are many, which don’t let CBD, so, gather information about the local and state laws before you travel.

Carry lab report of the product to the airport with you – Every manufacturer offers COA (certificate of analysis) to confirm the THC levels (0.3%) present in the CBD product. You can get the report on their official website, if not they will provide you on request. Print and carry it along with you, if the security asks you more information about the product show the report as proof.

Pack CBD in your bag along with others – Whatever CBD product you are carrying, pack it along with other items like liquids and lotions. Being open about carrying CBD will help you in preventing issues with the security and TSA officers. 

In case you are bringing CBD in a liquid form remember that you can carry only less than 3.4 ounces as other liquids under TSA requirement.

Traveling within the state by car, bus, or train is not a problem, but if you are planning to travel to other states or country you have to take more precautions as every state will have different laws on CBD.

You can find CBD in many forms, there are few products that you can carry easily while traveling by flight. They are:

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD drops
  • CBD balms and 
  • CBD spray

Gather information about the online stores that sell hemp-based CBD, choose the best one, and order your favorite products today to make your journey on plane convenient, stress-free, and relaxed.