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How “Mighty Raju Encounter” fame among cartoon movies online?  See these before watching on Aha movies.

How “Mighty Raju Encounter” fame among cartoon movies online?  See these before watching on Aha movies.


The animated movies are becoming demand at OTTs now, as the parents have to show some animated comics to their children to calm their kids. OTTs are an excellent choice to watch cartoon movies online. Many OTTs are available to watch cartoon movies online. But, the Aha movies OTT platform came with exclusive Telugu movies and videos only. The aha videos included several numbers of Telugu popular movies and Telugu masterpieces, which we missed in theatres badly due to the over past. The Aha movies provided an opportunity to watch the most watchable films, which were missed in theatres. The platform also added the excellent hit series of cartoon films in their library. Mighty Raju Encounter is one of the best films among the series of Mighty Raju. See the highlights of the film and the advantages of watching the movie online.


The parents can increase the knowledge levels of their kids while providing entertainment to them. Yes, it is true; the kids can know about good and evil, moralities and ethics, the value of friendship, parents, unit, etc., with watching the animated movies because the animated fictional movies include elements like the power of God and evil, how great the power of God than evil, and how great to have a good heart than evil thoughts, etc. Also, the films teach about the importance of friendship, unity, self-confidence, etc., which children should learn in their growing time. It is too difficult to teach them about those things, and they can’t learn those things though teach them. So, the solution is so simple, and the parents should show them the best-animated films, which having moralities and ethics with lots of fun and adventurous.

Characters: Raju, Gopi, Julie, Moby, Cheeky, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Green Gold Animations, Pvt. Ltd.

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Date of Release: 2015


The Mighty Raju Encounter was one of the most hit films among the series of Mighty Raju. The film directed by Rajiv Chilaka, who was the fame with the super hit series of Chhota Bheem. Rajiv Chilaka himself produced the film on Green Gold Animations Pvt. Ltd., The film came in 2015 and became super hit on television history. The movie’s story revolves around the character Raju and his adventures. The director wonderfully filmed the adventures in the film.

Highlights film ‘Mighty Raju Encounter’:

The director showed adventures of Mighty Raju, and battle with evil power was incredible. He elevated the character, Raju, in the film with fantastic screenplay and included all the ingredients, which kids most like.

In the film, the director shows the difference between the power of evil and God’s power in a way that children can understand. The background music and songs were instrumental in making the film a success.

The gripping screenplay made the audience immersed in every scene of the film.

The film must be shown to children to understand the difference between what is good and what is wrong, the divine power, and the evil force. Click here to watch many more animation movies online.

Finally:  ‘Mighty Raju Encounter’ is one of the films among the most watchable kids cartoon films.