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Help Is At Hand With Online Brokerage service

Help Is At Hand With Online Brokerage service

One of the most vital decisions you will have to make in your life as an investor has nothing to do with the stocks, ETFs, UCITS or bonds that you are going to buy. This is the choice of your online stock broker!

But what is a stock broker? How much does a broker cost? Should you choose an online broker? How to choose your stock broker? Here is the comparison of the best stock market brokers online with the best offers of the moment and these tips for choosing the best broker with whom to invest in the stock market.

The stock broker is an intermediary between the investor or trader and the financial markets. It executes stock market orders on behalf of the investor or trader, whether they are sell orders or buy orders. As such, it provides private investors with a platform enabling it to position itself on the markets and financial products desired via the Internet, via a mobile application or by telephone with an adviser.

Gifts and bonuses offered by the online broker

Almost non-existent among traditional brokers, gifts and bonuses regularly come back in the offer of online brokers who have made it a real commercial argument to attract future customers. Be careful all the same, these bonuses, premiums and reductions of all kinds are to be taken into account without making it an exclusive criterion of choice of the broker!

Why choose an online stock broker?

The individual investor can choose between an online broker or a physical broker. In the past, brokerage activities were exclusively offered by physical brokers, generally by a traditional bank or network bank. With the advent of the Internet, many online brokers have emerged, these pure players offer a brokerage offer exclusively online.

Benefit from extensive services, particularly in terms of educational materials

Most online brokers offer high-performance trading tools (sophisticated trading platforms, real-time quotes, alerts on major economic announcements, etc.), but also dedicated services and numerous educational materials. You will be able to consult the market points and benefit from an economic light on current events, immerse yourself in webinars or white papers to learn all about placing orders or technical analysis, etc.

Being able to trade everywhere and all the time

Finally, online brokers offer you access to your trading platform from their website or mobile app. You can trade anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. The foreign markets and the number of accessible products is also very substantial with certain online brokers, allowing you to truly position yourself on a very significant share of the rating of all the major financial centers in the world.

All these advantages undoubtedly work in favor of the investor. Think about it when choosing your future broker!

How to choose an online broker?

To choose a broker like ETFinance, first rely on its range of financial products (what types of products are offered, on which markets), then on the range of tools (trading platform, stockscreener and technical analysis software) and services (market points, webinars, training) available to you. Finally, compare the prices.